2023 Developer Journal Announcement

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Hey, it’s me!

It’s the end of 2022 which means that it’s the time when people look back and everything they’ve accomplished. These are some of my favorite blog posts to read. It amazes me the memory and the detailed notes that these people all have. I have no recollection of what I worked on in 2022 😅 I want to change that for 2023…

I have a handful of side projects that I work on and even some new ideas that I’ve been wanting to build. I don’t have a great system for how I decide what I’m working on. I just kind of pick something with absolutely zero direction. I want to be more deliberate with my time in 2023 and track everything I’m working on.

I want to record daily logs of:

This looks like a lot to write down every day so I’m telling myself right now that these records don’t need to be perfect. This is for me to clear my head of thoughts and keep me focused on what’s important with my side projects as the year goes on. There are some days when I won’t work on things and that is more than okay because I need balance in my life.

I don’t know what the goal of sharing this publicly is yet. I think sharing this publicly will boost my motivation to keep these going but I’m not sure what any of you will take from these daily journal entries. Hopefully, we can figure that out together as 2023 progresses 😊

The projects I’ll be working on (but not limited to) are:

That is it for now!

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Josh Holtz

Josh Holtz

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