Launch Announcement: What's My Age Again for iOS

Launch Announcement: What's My Age Again for iOS

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Oops, I did it again… I accidently created and launched another app.

Happy launch day, What’s My Age Again! 🥳

What is What’s My Age Again?

What’s My Age Again is my solution to me not being able to remember my age. I’m always asking my wife and she doesn’t need that kind of pressure on her. I threw together a quick widget only app in an hour or two 👇

And as I do often, I shared my weird experiment on Twitter 👇 It seemed like it resonated with a handful of people so I decided to polish it and ship it!

Why only widgets?

I already debatably stretch myself to thin with fastlane, Indie Dev Monday, other indie apps, and my full-time job at RevenueCat where I really didn’t want to make and maintain another app 😛 Widgets are a simple enough concept to make and maintain and that is all I really wanted to do. They have very little interaction and a simple user interface that doesn’t overwhelm me if and when I want to make changes.

Here are we

This app (if you can call it that) isn’t meant to be some ground breaking huge thing. I wanted this for me but I wanted others to use it (if they wanted to).

Thanks for reading this very short story about What’s My Age Again and I hope that some of you enjoy using this app!

Feel free to tweet me (@joshdholtz) with any feedback, issues, or feature request🥳

Josh Holtz

Josh Holtz

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